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How often should you wash your car?

Have you ever had to apologise in advance for your messy car before your passengers had stepped in? Embarrassing, right!

Now think to the moment when you have received a compliment on how clean your car looks after a wash!

Life happens, so it's completely normal for your car to get dirty. Taking the kids to school, shopping, commuting, and taking the pet to the vet; your car can't always stay clean!

For people on the go, taking the car to the car wash is not on the top of the to-do list...


How often should you get your car washed?

Well, this depends on a few things such as your lifestyle; where you drive and park. Nonetheless, on average, car owners wash their cars once every 2 weeks. Having a clean car looks and feels fantastic and it helps maintain the value of your car.

Fortnightly car washes, can prevent everlasting damage. Bird droppings and dirt can damage your car’s paintwork if left untreated. There is also a large proportion of car enthusiasts who wash their cars weekly to avoid this damage.

Think about your interior too.

Accidents happen! Food and drink may get into the upholstery causing stains and smells. A good quality car wash will use products to clean and prevent damage to your upholstery.

In summary, you can wash your car as often as you see fit. But, if you want to maintain its value and have that sense of pride consider a general wash once every two weeks.

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