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Things to do before you sell your car

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Two men checking how clean the interior of their car is after a mobile car valeting service

So you are thinking about selling your car. You could trade it in or sell it to a company like Webuyanycar, however, you’ll probably receive the lowest possible amount.

Your other option is to sell it privately and get a price true to its value.

Here are some tips that you can use to attract the right buyers for your car:

  • Keep your car clean

  • Clear out any items that do not need to be in your car.

  • Ensure that your car is free of stains, marks, and smells.

Consider a mobile car valeting service - You can save time and energy, plus they can take care of difficult stains and smells in the upholstery of your car.

Repair minor panel and paintwork damage

Scratched paintwork and wheels on a blue car

Depending on your car's model and year, scratches and dents can take several hundreds of pounds off its value. If you have minor body and paintwork damage you should consider getting it repaired. Spending a few hundred will mean that you can sell your car closer to its value. Why lose money when you can repair slight damages from the comfort of your home.

The Wash Doctors app gives you hassle-free access to the best local smart repair specialists operating in the UK. Take a look at the mobile car paint repair or smart body repairs services to restore your car to perfection.

Take great quality pictures

Brand new blue BMW after a car wash

Due to advancements in tech, even experts struggle to tell the difference between a photograph taken from a smartphone and a digital camera.

Take high-quality photos of different angles that show the beauty of your car after it has been cleaned. Top tip - make sure that your vehicle and its features are the main focus of each image.

Hiring a professional photographer is not necessary but take advantage of any photography enthusiasts in your household (You should get a yes by offering to pay for the next takeaway).

Ready to sell!

Now you are ready to attract the right buyers. Don't forget, to get a quick sell, be honest in your advertisement and set a realistic price.

You can find out more information about selling your vehicle from


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