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Your Car's Best Year Starts Here.

Comprehensive Year-Round; Monthly, Quarterly and Bi-annual Plans that are like health insurance for your car.


This is not just valeting this is a whole new car care experience.

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Too Busy for Car Care? We Fill in the Gaps.

No More Hit-or-Miss.

With our Annual Car Care Plans, it's all hit, no miss. Your car, cared for all year, while you're out living life.


This isn’t just a Shine, It's a Shield.

We armour your car with award-winning protection products. Rain or shine, sleet or swelter, your car stands guarded.


Unique protection

Award winning specialist, professional grade. Products that give your interior and exterior long-lasting protection .

Fights depreciation

By investing in an Annual Plan, you are protecting your cars value and minimising unnecessary depreciation.

Saves time

One Plan, One payment, and One Year of at home car care = more time for you.

Loved by 20,000+ Customers

The Plans

With Wash Doctors' Car Care Protect Plans, there is no more worrying about remembering to book or relying on sporadic car washes with subpar results.

More than just a car wash...

Not just any products. The best products.

We’ve teamed up with IGL. Their multi award winning specialist products are our secret weapons.


They don’t just shine; they shield.


They are like Armour for your car, formulated for the future- Your cars future.


Protection, Not Just Perfection.


Expert Hands, Exceptional Car Care

At Wash Doctors, excellence is our standard, and our Annual Plan technicians are proof – selected as the best in the business, for the best on the road.


Your World, Uninterrupted.


We sync with your schedule, not the other way around. Car care that bends to your beat, not breaks your rhythm.

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Our Promise

Service Guarantee 

A leap in the dark? Not on our watch. Your first Wash Doctors service will knock your socks off. Not thrilled? Get your money back on the remainder of your plan.

5* Customer Service

Our customer service team are the best in the biz, if you ever have any issues, want to adjust timings or your plan, they are always on hand to help. 6 days a week, 15 hours a day.

Friendly Technicians

We pride ourselves on not only having the best protection and valeting service, but the best technicians, people who will truly care for your car as if its their own.

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Tel: 123-456-7890

500 Terry Francine St San Francisco, CA 94158


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