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Showcase your car care business on washdoctors Marketplace

Built for Valeting, Detailing and Smart Repairs.

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Do you Struggle to find time to do marke

We know that being out doing jobs all day leaves you little time to build your customer base.

So let us do it for you!

By joining our Marketplace you will get access to our customer base and technology platform. You will have everything you need to grow your business, right in your pocket.

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Do you Struggle to find time to do marke
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Build your business profile

We want you to stay in total control of your business. So you can build your profile in a way that suits you best, by choosing which calendar slots, services and areas you want to offer.

Keep track of all of your bookings

Keeping track of all of your bookings, technicians and schedules all in one online portal on your phone and computer.

Start Growing

Watch your business grow as our customers start to book you. The better 

We connect with AUTOMATE, the purpose built software for ambitious mobile valeters and detailers. 

By using AUTOMATE to manage your business we can easily sync to your calendar and make the Marketplace best work for you.

Join AUTOMATE to be eligible for the Wash Doctors Marketplace.

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