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Our Story


Wash Doctors was founded by Will Mapstone. The idea came from Will’s experience as a Deliveroo rider when he wondered why so many cars stood dirty in the road on London streets.


Fast forward three years and wash doctors are revolutionising the car care industry to bring hassle-free car care to customers doors


We are doing this by empowering local car Valeters and Detailers with mobile technology that enables them to deliver a seamless customer experience.


The car market is changing. The move to electric, manufacturers offering mobility platforms, digitally-enabled cars and the emergence of new online buying platforms such as Cinch and Cazoo. The nature of the relationship between cars and customers is changing.

 Wash Doctors mission is to not only revolutionise the car care industry but its relationship with customers from a distress purchase to an on-demand aspirational lifestyle service. 


That’s why we are enabling car care businesses to offer a seamless experience for customers and connecting them to a new generation of proud car owners. By providing this service to Valeters, retailers and smart repair professionals Wash Doctors we want these businesses to serve their customers well, grow demand and take on board more Valeters to grow their business. 


That’s why At the same time Wash doctors is building a marketplace where customers can receive a hassle-free, convenient service that saves them time and enables them to show pride is probably the single biggest purchase made in their lives, other than their home. 


 Join the car care revolution.

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