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Why we built Wash Doctors for people like you

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

We’re thrilled to be celebrating Wash Doctors 1st birthday today; 1500 customers, 3 services and 3 London boroughs later, at the time of writing, here is our story of how Wash Doctors came to be, from chatting on a Tinder date to an app supporting local washers and global water projects. We are incredibly grateful for the support and feedback from our SW London community this year.


It all started with our founder Will, who was cycling for Deliveroo after completing his Masters in Mechanical Engineering, and frequently noticed the amount of cars neglected by their owners, left covered in the dust and grime of the city.

Will asked himself, why is there not a service that travels to your car with a backpack similar to the one he was carrying for food deliveries? Ultimate convenience is something people value strongly, and car washes were becoming few and far between with ever growing queues. SURELY there was a gap in the market for something more efficient.

The most obvious obstacle was getting the water to the customer. After obsessing over the idea for a solid 24 hours, Will found himself sat on a Tinder date struggling to ask the usual questions like “What do you do… for fun?” and went straight in to “What do you think of this idea I had yesterday?”. Amazingly enough it was this date that led to Will discovering the Waterless Wash - the next day he got cracking on how to code.


On June 2017, Wash Doctors officially launched London’s first waterless car wash app - with Will as all-round CEO, coder, secretary and washer, later joined by his childhood best friend and Co-Founder, Christian. Whilst still working in the City, Christian and some other friends helped Will in the early months; spending summer evenings strategy planning and weekends washing cars, until September when Christian jumped ship to join Will building Wash Doctors.

With the support of a business partner, the wheels began to turn much faster. Will could focus on the funding and technology with our development team, whilst Christian now spearheads the daily delivery and operations. Their mission is to deliver quality car washing to every door, whilst using only eco-friendly products to reduce unnecessary water wastage.

After launching, the biggest challenge became clear; how can a startup marry tech expectations with complex logistics as it scales. Just a year in, we’ve got 10 Wash Doctors on the road, offering three services, across three boroughs, through the touch of a redesigned app. Our customers now have full visibility of their booking progress, and our growing team are working hard to develop new features, such as integrating advanced bookings into the app. We're striving to always improve, but nevertheless, proud of the milestones we’ve achieved so far.

This couldn’t have been possible without the immense support of our members, some of who have now invested at our seed round. With this funding we’ll be able to create a new-era of car care.