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Wash Doctors partners with Drivy

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Wash Doctors is partnering with Europe’s largest peer-to-peer car rental company: Drivy. This partnership is going to benefit existing and new Drivy car owners, making it hassle free to get their car washed without even being there.

What do Drivy do?

Drivy is Europe’s largest peer-to-peer car rental company allowing users to rent out their car or rent a car quickly and easily. The French start-up has recently launched in London and will expand throughout the UK in 2018.

What do Wash Doctors do?

Wash Doctors is the London based on-demand mobile car wash platform that allows customers to get their car washed anywhere, anytime, with just a few taps on their phone.

So how does it work? Simply download the Wash Doctors app (on iOS / Android Coming soon), pinpoint your location, provide your car details and select your service, an a Wash Doctors will come and clean your car. Yes it's really that easy! 

Our washers commute on bicycle so they can clean your car on any street, no matter how busy it is. Thanks to revolutionary cleaning technology, our washes can easily travel between cars with all required equipment in just a single backpack.

So what's in it for Drivy customers?

Convenience - When you rent your car on Drivy it’s vital the car is in a great condition. Wash Doctors will take the hassle out of car cleaning by coming direct to you. We offer exterior and interior cleaning services, so after booking you can get on with your day and let the Wash Doctors take care of the rest.


Price - We believe high-quality convenience doesn’t have to be expensive.  Get a wash from £10 (price varies depending on service / size of car). For the limited time we are offering 50% off your first exterior wash. What’s more, Wash Doctors will be offering an exclusive ongoing 10% discount for Drivy car owners, so your savings won't just stop at the first wash. So stay tuned for this exciting offer coming in the near future.

On our mission to save the environment

We are on the mission to save the environment. That’s why our team travel on bicycles and are using revolutionary, waterless formula to provide a top-notch superior finish without damaging the environment.

What does waterless mean? Well we can clean your car using less than a litre of water (0.5 litres to be exact) with no toxic run-off going into water the supply. Therefore Wash Doctors have the potential to save millions of litres of water each and every year!

Get in touch

Your feedback is important to us. If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Facebook / Twitter pages or email us at

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