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Wash Doctors for charity: water. We're fundraising!

It seems fitting on World Water Day, 22nd March 2018, to announce that Wash Doctors has pledged 5% of profits made reviving water-savvy customers cars to a water charity changing the rules, charity: water.

When you first stumbled across Wash Doctors, the car wash that comes to you, you probably thought “that’s convenient!” or, “how is it not more expensive?”. The answer is waterless. Behind the scenes we’re on a mission to reduce London’s water wastage. You’ve already helped us save 350,000 water bottles since launching last June!

Recognising the water crisis to be bigger than car washing, the Wash Doctors team are committed to raising as much as we can to help those in need gain access to clean water globally. But, we need your help!

So, let’s work together? For every 4 washes you order we will donate 5% of all profits made cleaning your cars to charity: water’s global projects, and you will have saved over 800L of water in the process. Washes can be ordered using the Wash Doctors app.

In the meantime, our team will be training for the Richmond Half Marathon to raise funds towards seeing through a charity: water project from start to finish (£7,500 minimum). Help us sponsor a project by donating and voting for your fastest expected team member in the donation message. It's for an important cause, and it'll foster some friendly competition in the office!

So who are charity: water and what are they doing differently? To date, charity: water have funded over 24,500 water projects for 7 million people around the world by partnering with local communities, governments and trained specialists to develop sustainable projects, that last!

Transparency and accountability really set this charity apart! Private sponsors cover the charities operating costs so 100% of your donation will bring clean water to people in need. All projects are tracked using GPS coordinates and photos are used to ensure water is always flowing.

To further advance transparency and sustainability throughout the water sector, charity: water are piloting 3,500 remote sensors in Ethiopia, funded by Google, to measure the flow of clean water and to show how well charity: water projects are working at any given time.

Looking for figures? Just £25 gives 1 person access to clean water indefinitely. What’s more, every £1 we raise together towards clean water can yield £4–£12 in economic returns in countries where access to clean water means better education, income and health - especially for women and children.

If we washed every car just once in our current SW London catchment alone, we could raise enough to give +2,000 people water access! Let’s help this global effort together - because we know the water crisis is bigger than car washing!

Ready to start towards your donation target? Book your wash today!

Meet the team running to raise! Donate today and share our fundraising page with your social networks!



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