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Our Black Friday pledge to your Valeters

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

To raise awareness of shocking labour conditions at car washes, Wash Doctors pledge 100% of every wash completed on Black Friday to your Valeter.

The car wash industry is rife with instances of modern slavery, and as many anti-black Friday campaigns have made us aware, workers tend to take the brunt of this day. That's why we've decided to shift the balance to reward Valeters for all their hard work. Pre-book for Black Friday or order on-demand - you'll make their day!

Wondering what the employment status of your Valeter is?

In light of press surrounding the gig economy, we feel it's important you understand how your Valeter benefits from using our platform. As self-employed contractors, Valeters can earn 80% of every wash they complete. In addition to this, we guarantee a minimum day rate to fairly and responsibly reward Valeters for their time in instances of fluctuating demand or poor weather.

Having worked with Wash Doctors for nearly a year now, we chatted with Marius about mobile car valeting in London and his first impressions of the Waterless Wash. We loved his response!

What do you enjoy about your work?

I can make my own schedule, it’s flexible work. And I have the time I need to do a proper job, because I don’t have the same pressures on me as my last job.

3 words to describe Wash Doctors?

Freedom, time and cycling.

Wash Doctors is your mobile, on-demand car valeting platform. Simply book via the app and a fully-trained insured valeter will come to you. Now covering South West and North West London. Book today.



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